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Yousuke Tohyama

bass & chorus


Born 1994 in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture Leo Type A


A musical instrument store that I stopped by when I was saving money to buy a computer

Suddenly picking up the bass was the beginning of music.


It was the bass, not the guitar, that fits me well


After graduating from high school, he moved to Tokyo and entered the Muses Conservatory and studied under Ryosuke Nikamoto.

Affected artists

Skimmer switch, kirinji, clambon, skirt, Galileo Galilei


Session host, recording,

Live support activities such as “Marylou” and “ThePinkFlamingo”

Enrolled as an assistant at the school upon graduation


Many artists participate with Mickie Yoshino and Takami Asano

Participation in performances at the Osaka Castle Hall and events organized by musical instrument makers


October 19 Joined AB'S on the recommendation of Mickie Yoshino

The first live will be the Tokai Kansai tour


Favorite food sushi especially cold yellowtail






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