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Birth Story



December 2016

"GS Festival 2016"
At Oimachi Curian Hall

Fujimaru Yoshino appears as a substitute for the sick guitarist, reunited with Godiego 's guitarist Takami Asano

(Fujimaru was in the semi-professional era,

 was longing for guitarist Asano of the legendary band "M")


July 2017

"Play the Super Duo Guitars"
At Oimachi Curian Hall

Fujimaru Yoshino & Takami Asano Twin Guitar Concert


December 2017

"TAGC TOKYO G-ROCKS studio live"

Asano Takami group live
Fujimaru Yoshino guest appearance

Meet Kazuyuki Takekoshi keyboard
It became the catalyst for the new AB'S


After that, Fujimaru Yoshino and Makoto Matsushita met again by chance.

New AB'S start meeting

A meeting with Atsuo Okamoto and Kazuyuki Takekoshi
Bassist is Ikuya Meguro


January 2018

First rehearsal at a studio in Kanagawa

A new start for AB'S

After that, will be Makoto Matsushita is to concentrate on the hip treatment

4 members are active until returning



Fujimaru Yoshino 5th album "What's up?"

First recording at the new AB'S
Kazuyuki Takekoshi played a guitar solo on the keyboard with a respect for Makoto Matsushita who was supposed to participate in the recorded song "Just a Rainy Blues".



" Yoshino Fujimaru 45th Anniversary Concert"

At Ebisu Garden Hall

New AB'S first live



" Yoshino Fujimaru 5th album" What's up? "Release Memorial Live"


February 2019

"Back home AB'S live has"

At Meguro Blues Array

Makoto Matsushita returns and new AB'S first live

Mobilization to set a new record for Meguro Blues Alley









October 2019

Bassist, Yousuke Tohyama , joins Mickie Yoshino
To the first Shinsei AB'S first famous Keihan tour











Fujimaru Yoshino guitar & vocal

Makoto Matsushita guitar & vocal

Atsuo Okamoto drums & vocal

Kazuyuki Takekoshi keyboard & vocal

Yousuke Tohyama bass & vocal


March 2020
new album production start






















IMG_2413 3.jpg

Birth of the new AB'S

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