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Fujimaru Yoshino
guitar & vocal

Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido in 1951

Taurus Blod type B

Began playing the violin at the age of three, the Beatles in middle school, fascinated by the guitar

Hiro Tsuda & Space Band in college

Participated in over 10,000 recording sessions as a guitarist and professional debut studio musician "Cotton Handkerchief" "Amagi Crossing" "Strawberry White Paper Again" and other memorable guitar play brilliantly eras the Japanese music scene Is a key player

1975 Debuted with Fujimaru band "BGM"

Hideki Saijo Joe Yamanaka Teresa Teng 

 Masahiro Kuwana and many more tour support, providing more than 400 songs


Meanwhile, formed as a studio musician
Hawaii recording with "ONE LINE BAND"
1979 years Nippon Television "We are angels!" Music

Change band name to SHOGUN

1st album "SHOGUN" release "Detective story"

Music charge

single “Bad City / Lonely Man”

2nd album "rotation"

Japan Record Sales Award Group New Face Award 80 years 3rd album "YOU'RE THE ONE"

Nationwide tour start


1982 1st solo album "YOSHINO FUJIMAL"

Formed AB'S

1983 1st album "AB'S"

84 years 2nd solo album "ROMANTIC GUYS"

(LA recording)

AB'S 2nd album "AB'S-2" (London recording)

1985 AB'S 3rd album "AB'S-3" (London recording)

1988 AB'S 4th album "AB'S-4" (LA recording)


After that, he worked vigorously in LA, London, and Japan to produce albums and perform live.


1997 SHOGUN 4th album "NEW ALBUM"

Restart with

AB'S Masahiro Kuwana TRIPLE X Hideki Saijo and other album production



New artist album production, concert live support, music provision

17th Career 45th Anniversary Book "Fujimaru Yoshino Autobiography"

18th Career 45th Anniversary Concert (Ebisu Garden Hall)

Memorial album "What's up?" Release


Currently solo, session, bossa nova unit "BOR"

Kingo Hamada & Kumi Hara's AOR unit


42th Anniversary SHOGUN, new AB'S and others are active


Favorite food Soup powder Mitarashi dumpling Fruit Cake Steak


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