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Kazuyuki Takekoshi

keyboard & vocal


B type from Tokyo

Influenced by the Beatles, started music activities


Performs live as a singer-songwriter and creates music

Joe Yamanaka, Godiego, Yuka Kamebuchi & The Voices of Japan

Various support around rock and pop including support of

Engage in style concerts and music production


AB'S restart keeper triggered by co-starring with Fujimaru Yoshino

Become a song

Yoshino's 45th Anniversary Concert (at Ebisu Gar

Den Hall) participated in commemorative album "What's up?"


Solo live, vocal group Lull, Asakosi with Takami Asano, TAGC-Tokyo, SSP led by Hideki Samejima, Fujimaru Yoshino and Takefuji of duo are active in various units.


Has a reputation for outstanding singing ability and expressiveness

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